Constantly Changing

The only constant in life is change. The printed word and customer communications are evolving - websites, smart phones, and other technologies change the rules of communication every day. Your marketing strategy and printed material need to reflect your brand dynamically.

Our company name reflects our business philosophy to providing business solutions for our customers. We live in a dynamic world that is evolving constantly and we adapt and modify our services to provide the most efficient program at the best possible cost . Dynamix “Total Performance” approach gives you the ability to rely on one source for all your printing and marketing needs allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Industry Expertise

With over thirty years of experience, Dynamix Business Solutions offers a wide range of marketing and printing programs customized to meet your needs. We have the background and industry expertise to increase productivity and assist you in your efforts to increase sales.

Certified Quality

“Good Quality is never achieved by accident”

This is our company motto. We believe that excellent quality is not a given and it requires a constant state of mind of following procedures , double checking your work and asking questions when in doubt.

Most printing companies approach quality as a given element of their operations. At Dynamix Business Solutions, we approach quality as a very important aspect of our whole operation and it is strongly emphasized in all of our processes including customer service, training, technical support, creative, sales, marketing, manufacturing and fulfillment.

We are only one of a few printing companies in California with an ISO 9001:2008 certification which requires to have very detail procedures in place for all of our processes and a mechanism to review them periodically to prevent potential mistakes.

Marketing Solutions

Dynamix Business Solutions assists clients in acquiring and maintaining loyal and active customers through highly customizable, innovative, and creative solutions. From customized direct mail and printing-on-demand to numerous virtual options, Dynamix excels at integrating multiple marketing strategies to take your ideas to the next level. Our personal service and attention to the way your company interacts with your customers allows us to deliver outstanding results with a highly competitive cost structure. Committed to quality, we strive to make your brand synonymous with success.

Latest News

Did you know that...

44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving direct-mail marketing.

51.5 million tons of paper were recovered from recycling in 2010.

From 2004, direct-mail marketing response rates are up 14%, while e-mail marketing response rates are down 57%.

U.S. advertisers spend an average of $167 dollars per person to earn $ 2,095.00 worth of goods sold. A 1300% return!

Since 2011, print orders placed online have increased by 12% and projected to increase another 20% by 2017.

48% of people retain direct-mail for future reference!